Book Quote Wednesday

All New Titles and Covers for the Summer Sisters! (It’s also Time for Book Quote Wednesday!)

What’s new?

The covers and titles for my Summer Sister series!

What? Jean, are you trying to confuse us readers with new titles?

No. But I do apologize if it has confused you, or if your series collection is now all mixed up with different covers and names. (If you’d like all of your books to have the new titles and covers, you can update your ereader’s library by downloading the books’ updates from the store you purchased the ebooks from. Paperback and audiobook updates are in the works.)

But YES, all five books in the completed series now have new titles to better reflect the stories inside. The stories remain unchanged.

All five new covers for the Summer Sisters series. Couples cuddling in front of lakes.
All new covers and titles for the Summer Sisters! Same great, irresistible stories!

Book 1: Love and Rumors (Hailey and Finian) is now called Falling for the Movie Star. (Dashing!)

Book 2: Love and Dreams (Maya and Connor) is now called Falling for the Boss. (Uh, oh!)

Book 3: Love and Trust (Melanie and Tristen) is now called Falling for the Single Dad. (Awwww.)

Book 4: Love and Danger (Daphne and Evander) is now called Falling for the Bodyguard. (Oh, yum!)

Book 5: Love and Mistletoe (Simone and Josh) is now called Falling for the Firefighter. (Hello!)

How about a sneak peek from Love and Rumors / Falling for the Movie Star? This week’s #BookQW (Book Quote Wednesday) is using the word “better.” Let’s see how Hailey and Finian are doing with their tentative friendship–which they fully plan to exploit for their own personal and professional gain! (Except, you know…they’re kinda falling in love which complicates things.)

The new cover for Falling for the Movie Star. Couple cuddling in front of a lake.

ebook price $3.99 FREE!

paperback price $10.99

Also available in audio!

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