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Get Ready for Indigo Bay! (40% off!)

Are you caught up with my Indigo Bay stories?

If not, grab your Kobo or the free app for your device and get ready to save 40% this week (until April 29, 2019) on my first two Indigo Bay novels.

That’s right! Sweet Matchmaker and Sweet Troublemaker are both on sale for 40% off their regular price of $2.99 on Kobo. So dive into these fast, sweet reads about love and second chances.

At checkout use the Promo Code: 40APR

Sweet Matchmaker

When Ginger says yes to a marriage of convenience to help keep Logan, the father of a special-needs child, in the country she figures it’ll also get her matchmaking grandmother off her back. But as inconvenient feelings develop for her new, handsome husband, she discovers he’s also an undercover secret agent. When his mission ends, what will it mean for their marriage… and her heart?

Get Sweet Matchmaker for 40% off on Kobo!At checkout use the Promo Code: 40APR

Sweet Forgiveness

When Zoe’s ex, Ashton, returns asking for a second chance, she’s not so sure she can let go of the past. Until the past catches up with Ashton and she has to make a choice on who to believe. Can she choose true love and second chances and somehow have it all? Or will the past crush their only chance at happiness?

Get Sweet Forgiveness for 40% off on Kobo! At checkout use the Promo Code: 40APR

Read them both? Have you noticed what’s available for preorder on Kobo? That’s right! It’s Sweet Troublemaker! The next book Jean Oram book in the Indigo Bay series.

Polly’s looking to live again after a break up and Nick is looking for one thing… Polly. Will these two old high school sweethearts find their way back to love now that they’re adults? Find out May 9th!

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