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Book Club Discussion Questions

Thanks for reading one of my novels for your book club. Here are a few questions and discussion guides to get you started.

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The Summer Sisters Tame the Billionaires Series

Click here for the full discussion guide as well as a printable guide for The Summer Sisters. Includes Love and Rumors, Love and Dreams, Love and Trust, Love and Danger, and Love and Mistletoe


Discussion Questions: Champagne and Lemon Drops

How do you feel the story would differ if it had been set in a city rather than Blueberry Springs?

Which man do you think Beth should have chosen?

What do you feel each man had to offer Beth?

Do you believe Beth’s absent father made it more difficult for Beth to find her way in her life? What impact, if any, did his absence have?

Why do you feel Beth had so much trouble standing on her own?

Do you think Katie should have sided with her best friend or her brother?