Book Quote Wednesday

All New Titles and Covers for the Summer Sisters! (It’s also Time for Book Quote Wednesday!)

What’s new? The covers and titles for my Summer Sister series! What? Jean, are you trying to confuse us readers with new titles? No. But I do apologize if it has confused you, or if your series collection is now all mixed up with different covers and names. (If you’d like all of your books to have the new titles …

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book giveaways

150 Free Romance Books!

I’m part of a big giveaway happening this week so if you’re looking for something to read while I write more Blueberry Springs books you’re in luck! 150 authors have banded together to offer 150 free romances in all subgenres so there is something for everyone who reads romance! AND that’s not all. We’re also sponsoring a big giveaway–ereaders and …

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