The Cupcake Cottage

Book Cover: The Cupcake CottageTHE CUPCAKE COTTAGE

NHL player Maverick Blades could fall in love with anyone…

But he had to fall for a woman who falls under the bro code as untouchable—his best friend’s beautiful ex, Daisy-Mae Ray.

Anyway, he’s pretty sure she’d steer clear of a guy like him since the papers have made a mess of his reputation. Good guy, wrong place, wrong time…

Daisy-Mae knows Maverick isn’t the man everyone believes he is. But how can she, a small town nobody, fix his image and help his team?

She can’t. Except she just told off his team’s publicists, demanding they fix Maverick’s image.

And now she’s been hired to deal with him.

No problem. Other than the fact that she’s got a giant crush on him and kind of just told him to date her as a publicity stunt…even though all she wants is something real.

Find out what Daisy-Mae and Maverick do in this heartwarming small town romance.

Laugh, cry and fall in love along with these two meant-to-be characters as they stumble their way into something real. This is the first feel-good romance in the charming new Hockey Sweethearts series—set in the same charming small town world as Jean Oram’s The Cowboys of Sweetheart Creek, Texas series.

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“Such a cute story! I loved the storyline and the sweet, real characters in this book! Now I need to find the rest of the books in this series.”  –Tasw62

“This was such an adorable read.” MelissaB

“There were emotional times, and sweet times, but overall this was a sweet and endearing love story that should not be missed. I highly recommend The Cupcake Cottage.” Eileen AW

SNEAK PEEK from The Cupcake Cottage

Louis grew quiet, arms crossed as he watched Maverick from under the brim of his Dragons ball cap. “I made you captain because you’re good with the guys, and you keep the team focused.”

Focused. Maverick nearly scoffed. He’d practically tripped over his own stick when he’d spotted Daisy-Mae in the stands. His buddy Myles Wylder’s ex-girlfriend. Little Miss Cutoffs with legs that went clear to her ears, a generous smile, and a kind and gentle heart that made him want to pull her into his arms every time he saw her. Seeing as she was Off Limits thanks to the stupidest honor system known to man—the Bro Code—he did what he could to avoid her.

That was, when he wasn’t trying to casually bump into her somewhere just to feel the force of that mega-watt smile, and hear her casual insights that made him feel seen by someone who didn’t want something from him.

If she was truly the mascot handler, like she’d appeared to be today, the team would never win a home game. The woman could give Miss America a run for her money, and she was probably now the not-so-secret weakness of at least ninety percent of his teammates. Ninety-five if he included himself. His only hope was that visiting teams would face the same lack of immunity to her focus-breaking charms and miss as many passes as the Dragons had today.

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