The Wedding Plan

A fake marriage of convenience romance. Sweet MOC small town romance. Book 3 in the Veils and Vows series by Jean Oram.

Love? It’s not in the plan.

Luke and Emma need each other, but not for a clandestine rendezvous like they have in the past. No, Emma needs an experienced business partner to help launch her new product line, and—thanks to a recent personal scandal—Luke is the only one who will take her calls. All she has to do is convince this CEO to abandon his post and move to the small mountain town of Blueberry Springs.

Luke knows Emma’s plan is perfect—as long as she agrees to marry him. Not only will their professional partnership earn his company some much-needed positive publicity, but most importantly, their marriage will help him fulfill his grandparents’ last wishes so he can protect their legacy from being squandered by the next in line.

They’ve promised their past mistakes won’t impact their secret wedding plan.

They’ve promised not to kiss…not to fall in love.

The problem is, both Luke and Emma harbor enough secrets to destroy even the best laid wedding plans. Will these two lose everything when the truth rises to the surface? Or will they overcome their past so they can claim their future?

Fall in love with this irresistible read from NY Times bestseller Jean Oram and the small town of Blueberry Springs. Purchase your copy of The Wedding Plan today and escape into the series that keeps romance readers up all night.

The Wedding Plan is the third book in the Veils and Vows series. It can be read out of series order and as a standalone.


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“A very moving, sweet romance that you are going to have a very hard time putting down.” Pat W.

“The Veil and Vows books are hard to put down. Jean writes about a wonderful little town with great characters. When I read them, I find myself feeling so comfortable. The Wedding Plan is a must to have in your to be read pile.” Lisa F.



Emma Carrington stood in the room at the top of the lighthouse overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, her hands in Luke Cohen’s, as a man they’d paid to perform their secret wedding ceremony trotted through the legalities of their union.

She glanced down at her ringless finger. Were they really going to do this? Was she really about to run off with the man who’d proposed to her sister only a few months ago? Who had been her own fiancé for less than twenty-four hours?

She swallowed her doubts as she watched the man she’d been attracted to for years. Luke would not become a true husband. Their marriage was merely a four-month contract to help him claim an inheritance from his late grandparents. She’d even dressed down, in capris and a casual top, to show him she could keep her head in the game. What had happened in their past would not impact their ability to work together. The past was finished business.

So why was he wearing a nicely cut suit that made him look the part of a genuine groom?

When she’d gone to him with a business proposal last week they’d both been perfectly clear that the only thing real about their partnership was the bottom line. Definitely not the attraction that still sizzled and snapped between them from time to time. Aspen had been a mistake. A moment of weakness due to extenuating circumstances.

But she was totally getting hitched to the catch of the country club. Oh, those old biddies would simply die if they found out she’d secretly swooped in and married him.

Emma found herself smiling despite the fact that she knew she’d never tell a soul about this part of their business deal. She’d sign her name on the marriage certificate and then, in four months, sign it again on their divorce papers, walking away with her agreed portion of the freed inheritance. A nice chunk she’d use to beef up the marketing budget for her new, all-natural cosmetic line, which would launch the month after that.

Luke caught her eye and his expression softened from intense seriousness to amused disbelief as he shook his head and chuckled.

She whispered, “I know, right?”

How totally crazy is this?

He flashed her a private smile that hit her in the chest, stealing the air from her lungs. Man, he was handsome. He was tall, athletic, and had that rich-man powerful thing going on. But that wasn’t what consistently caught her eye, as practically every man in the country club had that commanding air. No, it was the lurking hint of humanity that would zip out and tag her every so often, catching her off guard and sending her heart beating with an irregularity that would alarm most cardiologists.

She sucked in a deep breath, focusing her thoughts.

Healthy, safe products. That was why she was marrying him. She needed his expertise to help place the finishing touches on her project, as well as launch it internationally. He was here because she’d offered him a sizable chunk of any potential profits—not because he still had the power to leave her breathless, and they both wanted to do something about it.

“You may kiss the bride.”

Emma dropped her hands from Luke’s and gaped in surprise at his security agent, Zach Forrester, who’d been licensed to perform the ceremony. They’d discussed this beforehand. No kissing. They’d added that little rule right after swearing the lighthouse museum staff to secrecy and making a nice donation to their preservation fund as a thank-you.

“You may kiss the bride,” Zach repeated easily. He was tall and smart, but apparently had little in the way of a memory. “Or the groom. Whoever wants to go first can dive on in and make this official.”

Nope. Emma was not kissing the groom. She’d rather poke herself in the eye with a mascara wand. Because if she kissed Luke she might discover that Aspen, which she’d excused as a one-off mistake that had left her off-kilter for months, had actually been about her and Luke and whatever it was that simmered just below the surface.

They had to work side by side for the next five months and their boundaries needed to be maintained with a steady hand. No exceptions. No messy, complicated or distracting kisses allowed. And just because they’d become spouses, and were standing in a beautiful old lighthouse with the sun reflecting off the ocean, it did not give her permission to break the rules.

Luke suddenly pulled her body against his, stealing her breath and stilling her mind in that way that was unique to him. He gave her a dreamy, knee-weakening kiss, full on the mouth. She didn’t know whether to push away or to enjoy how his lips felt perfect against hers.

Before she could decide, he released her, his expression unreadable. It was then she realized that everything about their agreement was going to become not only distracting, but very, very complicated.

End of sneak peek!

Keep reading The Wedding Plan to find out what happens to Luke and Emma.


ebook price $3.99

paperback price $10.99


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