The Wedding Plan

The Wedding Plan (Veils and Vows) by Jean Oram, marriage of convenience romanceComing September 14, 2017.

Love? It’s not in the plan.

As the new CEO of his family’s empire, Luke Cohen wants to look the part and that means marrying someone perfectly boring. And luckily for Luke, elite society member Emma Carrington has just proposed a tempting marriage deal. But when Luke accepts her offer he quickly realizes that life with Emma is anything but boring.

Free spirit Emma Carrington has always been careful to maintain her polite and proper act in public for the sake of her family’s social standing. But when her older sister abandons the company’s biggest new project Emma knows it’s finally her turn to step up and shine. And that’s exactly what she plans to do—only she needs Luke’s irresistible charm and business prowess in order to do so. And with him needing a wife, they’ve got a perfect business union that could become so much more.

But will Emma be able to win Luke’s heart at long last? Or will she prove to be too hot to handle, scorching their merger before the ink even has a chance to dry?

Find out in The Wedding Plan, the third irresistible novel in New York Times bestselling author Jean Oram’s new Veils and Vows series. (All books in this series can be read out of series order and as standalones.)

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