Sweet Treats


A sweet small town romance in Blueberry Springs. Three short Valentine’s Day stories.

Be my Valentine, Blueberry Springs.

Three short stories of romance from the Blueberry Springs series. Love triangles, forbidden kisses, and a question that will change the future of one of the town’s favorite couples.


ebook price $3.99

Also available in paperback, large print and audio!


Box set contains:

  • Tequila and Candy HeartsNicola and Todd (set before Tequila and Candy Drops)
  • Whiskey and Gumdrop Hearts: Mandy and Frankie (set after Whiskey and Gumdrops)
  • Vodka and Chocolate Hearts: Amber, Russell, and Scott (set before Vodka and Chocolate Drops)

NOTE: Readers ask if it’s okay to read Sweet Treats right after Whiskey and Gumdrops and the answer is YES. You can read this new set right away!


One new job. One chance to prove herself. And one crush on the man she most definitely shouldn’t.

Nicola Samuels has spent the past two years traveling the world with her best friend Todd Haber and is ready to settle down with her first real career as Blueberry Springs‘ community planner. Eager to make her mark on the small town, she creates the first annual Valentine’s Day Love Extravaganza. Thinking she is immune to the holiday, she hires a man dressed as Cupid, not expecting to fall under the spell of the holiday…

But when Cupid strikes, will she kiss the man she shouldn’t—or will she hide her true feelings in order to prevent ruining the one thing she can’t risk losing?

This short story is a prequel to the Blueberry Springs novel Tequila and Candy Drops.


One woman focused on her career. One boyfriend who wants more. One question to settle their future.

Award-winning baker Mandy Mattson doesn’t just want her cake, she wants to eat it too. But first she needs to expand her new restaurant so she can finally meet her boyfriend Frankie Smith in an equal partnership instead of always leaning on him in order to make her dreams come true. The only problem is that Frankie wants more of the one thing expanding business owners don’t have—time.

When her boyfriend runs out of patience, Mandy is faced with choosing their relationship or the expansion. Will Mandy make the right choice? Or will she find a way to have her cake and eat it too?

Whiskey and Gumdrop Hearts is an after-story from the novel Whiskey and Gumdrops and does contain spoilers for that novel. However, it contains no cliffhangers.


One happy couple. One friend with a not-so-secret crush. One Valentine’s Day that could change it all.

Months ago, Amber Thompson returned to her hometown of Blueberry Springs with hunky newscaster Russell Peaks on her arm. But lately her boyfriend has been spending more and more time in the city as well as talking about moving back. No problem; Amber can work as a mail-order database lackey anywhere there’s internet—as long as Russell asks her to come along.

When the town’s first Valentine’s Day Love Extravaganza gets underway, Amber’s boyfriend gets held up in the city, causing her best friend Scott Malone to pick up his slack. Will Scott’s good intentions be noticed for what they truly are and create a Blueberry Springs love triangle, or will Russell find a way to redeem himself in time to reclaim his girlfriend?

This short story is a prequel to the Blueberry Springs novel Vodka and Chocolate Drops.

Read them all!

ebook price $3.99

Also available in paperback, large print and audio!



  1. Leslieann Dandrade

    Love your writing

    1. Thank you Leslieann! I appreciate your kind words. Happy reading!

  2. Laurel Beh

    I signed up/subscribed but did not or cannot find the copy of Sweet Treats. Help!

    1. Hi Laurel,

      I’ll send you an email. Thanks for your patience.


  3. JM

    I subscribed and clicked on the free offer wanted to read sweet treats can’t find it please help. 🙂

    1. Hi JM!

      I’ll send you an email. Thanks for letting me know you were having issues.


  4. JoAnn

    I signed up on your website and 1 can’t get the free book Sweet Treats. Loved the first book and really wanted to read this one.

    1. Hi JoAnn! I see you’re signed up okay from my end–I’ll send you an email to see if we can sort through what went wonky. Thanks for letting me know you’re having troubles.

  5. YVonne

    MY OFFER said free book. Now it is saying $1.99. What happened to the free?

    1. Hi Yvonne,

      My newsletter subscribers get the book as a free download when they subscribe to my newsletter. For those who prefer not to be on my newsletter list they can purchase the book for $1.99–that’s what this page is about.

      I checked my newsletter subscriber list and you are on it–when you subscribed you should have received a welcome email with the details on how to get this set for free. I’ll send you an email to see if we can figure this out. Thanks for letting me know you were having issues.


  6. Abby

    I subscribed but I can’t find Sweet Treats can you help me please? I just finished Eggnog and candy canes I literally could not put it down. I’m really excited to read Your other books.

    1. Hi Abby!

      I sent you an email and forwarded the instructions to you. I’m tickled pink you loved Eggnog and Candy Canes–it was so much fun to write.

      As for what went wrong? My guess is that the email with the links to Sweet Treats went to junk or promotions. (You can drag anything you don’t want out of those gmail folders back into your inbox so you don’t miss future emails.)

      Thanks for reading!

  7. Julie

    Just finished book 3 in your blueberry springs series and went to purchase sweet treats on my nook but it’s not available. Signed up for your newsletter to receive a copy that way but never got the welcome email. Checked my spam folder and its not there either. Please help. I would really like to continue with this series.

    1. Hi Julie,

      I searched for you in the subscriber list and your email address doesn’t come up. I went to add you personally but then realized you won’t get the automatic emails with the links to the freebie, etc. Gah!

      Did you sign up and get an email that asked you to confirm your email address? There should be one of those that comes to keep my newsletter within spam laws… once you click confirm it gets you on the newsletter list. My guess is that one didn’t come through for you?

      Ugh. Technology. Maybe try signing up again at https://www.jeanoram.com/freebook — we’ll get this sorted. (I’ll send this to you by email as well.)

      Sorry for the troubles,

  8. Chris

    You’re a new author for me. Over the last two days I’ve read the first three books and the follow up book about Mandy and Frankie in Sweet Treats. I really like your style of writing. I did feel any almost uncontrollable urge to hit Oz over the head with a 2 x 4 and I wanted to shake Mandy like a rag doll at times, but those are just small details. LOL

    1. Thank you, Chris. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series. And yes, sometimes the characters need a good shake, don’t they? Thank goodness for happily ever after a!

  9. Jan Schroeder

    I also signed up for the free copy of sweet treats and can’t find it?

    1. Hi Jan!

      I see that you made it through subscribing to the newsletter–I’ll forward you the email with the links on how to get Sweet Treats–it likely ended up in ‘spam’ or some such tab. That happens sometimes. (sigh) But we can work around that. Thanks for letting me know you were having issues.


  10. Janice Weaver

    I also am not able to connect with the spot to get the free Sweet Treats….the site, when typed in, just takes me to your website….not to the link to get the free book.
    Jan W.

    1. Hi Janice!

      Thanks for your note. Sweet Treats is indeed currently available for free for newsletter subscribers–I’ll send you an email so we can problem solve. Thanks for the heads up.


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