SERIES: Hockey Sweethearts

A new small town series!

Daisy-Mae, Violet and Jenny from Sweetheart Creek are getting their own stories along with new friends!

SEVEN NEW heartwarming small town romances are coming your way!

Here’s a sneak peek of the titles:

The Gingerbread Café –NOW AVAILABLE! FREE on ProlificWorks
The Cupcake Cottage –NOW AVAILABLE!
Peach Blossom Hollow –NOW AVAILABLE!
Chocolate Cherry Cabin –NOW AVAILABLE!
The Peppermint Lodge –PREORDER for April 6, 2023
The Huckleberry Bookshop –Coming JULY 2023!
The Sugar Cookie Country House –Coming NOVEMBER 2023!



Book Cover: The Cupcake CottageBook Cover: The Gingerbread Cafe: A Hockey Sweethearts NovelPeach Blossom Hollow: A Hockey Sweethearts Novel by Jean OramCover: Chocolate Cherry Cabin by Jean Oramthe peppermint lodge by Jean Oram. Book 4 Hockey Sweethearts sweet romance novel clean