Book Quote Wednesday

All New Titles and Covers for the Summer Sisters! (It’s also Time for Book Quote Wednesday!)

What’s new? The covers and titles for my Summer Sister series! What? Jean, are you trying to confuse us readers with new titles? No. But I do apologize if it has confused you, or if your series collection is now all mixed up with different covers and names. (If you’d like all of your books to have the new titles …

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Jean Oram news

99 cents–Just in time for the holidays…Love and Mistletoe, a Christmas Romance!

Are you looking for a fun, opposites-attract romance to read this holiday season? Treat yourself to Simone and Josh’s Christmas story. Snowed in on the magical Nymph Island where couples fall in love… The only problem? They’re not looking for love–and most definitely NOT with each other! (Which makes it all the more delicious, doesn’t it?) Will the magic of …

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