The Peppermint Lodge

The Peppermint Lodge is coming in 2023!

When life hands you a hunky, rich hockey player…say yes.

But Cassandra isn’t used to accepting help—and especially not from a sweet-talking, hunky man with more cash than she’s seen in her life. And anyway, she’s got problems that are bigger than his bank account, and she figures when life gets really tough, he’ll be gone.

Single dad Landon isn’t used to hearing no. Especially when he knows the only thing holding Cass back from this mutual deal-of-a-parenting-lifetime is her pride, and her unfounded fears.

How can he convince her that she’s the best thing for his daughter, and that he’s worth counting on when it comes to her sick son?

It’s hard to keep saying no.

Especially when love starts to grow…

Too bad they agreed they’d only come together out of convenience—and never out of love.

Is it too late to change their deal?

Find out in The Peppermint Lodge, a standalone sweet romance set in the small town of Sweetheart Creek, Texas. Enjoy hockey players, ranchers, single parents, crazy errant armadillos, laughter and tears with this relationship of convenience romance.

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