Sweet Holiday Surprise–Indigo Bay

Cash Campbell was hands down the best kisser Alexa had ever met. Of course he had to be her boss. She couldn’t have the luck of being swept up by a man who was easily available and without complications…

Meet Alexa and Cash.

Cowgirl. CEO.

One loves organization. One loves chaos.

Both are looking for ways to keep their working relationship professional. But sometimes opposites attract like high-powered magnets.

Get ready for Alexa and Cash in this sweet holiday romance, Sweet Holiday Surprise!

Sweet Holiday Surprise by Jean Oram Indigo Bay Veils and Vows

Rule Number One: Never date the boss.

Given Alexa’s crash and burn history with office romances, it should be an easy rule to follow. Then again, her rules have never gone up against Cash Campbell.

Her charming CEO boss has a way of looking at her that makes her feel as though she’s the center of his universe, and their constant flirting increases the heat whenever their eyes meet. His attention makes for an addictive, yet tricky situation.

But Cash likes to keep things light and simple. He doesn’t make promises he can’t keep, and maintains enough space to move fast in the boardroom—as well as in his love life. However, there’s something captivating about his assistant’s direct honesty that has monopolized his attention for almost a year. The problem is, he knows she’ll never date the boss…and he really needs this job. Even if he could date her, she likes things orderly and his life and problems are anything but.

When the two attend a wedding in the dreamy ocean town of Indigo Bay, they begin to wonder why they ever bothered following the rules. Because sometimes breaking the rules is the best way to discover the love of your life.

This is a short, sweet holiday romance set in the Indigo Bay world and can be read as a standalone.


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Sneak Peek of Sweet Holiday Surprise

by Jean Oram

© 2017 All rights reserved

After three years in South Carolina, Alexa McTavish was finally getting homesick for Montana. December was supposed to be so cold you feared losing a nose, and here she was, sporting her best Wranglers and a blouse, with absolutely no worry about imminent death thanks to hypothermia. Although the locals would beg to differ on wardrobe and weather.

Alexa slid out of her 1976 pickup, her cowboy boots crunching on the crushed seashell driveway as the truck’s engine finally choked and rattled to a halt. She inhaled the ocean air as she took in her accommodations for the night. A cute yellow cottage strung with Christmas lights was nestled in the dunes, looking like the vacation she’d always meant to take—ideally, with someone tempting, such as her boss, Cash Campbell. Someone she could hole up with for a time and enjoy every tantalizing second. Not that she dated bosses any longer. Nope. She’d learned that lesson and it wasn’t one worth repeating.
Instead she was here as a personal favor to Cash, and rooming with his eighty-seven-year-old uncle Desmond, helping him maneuver his way through tonight’s recommitment ceremony and reception that Alexa had helped arrange for his great-nephew Luke Cohen and his wife, Emma Carrington. Desmond was a sweet old scallywag, but he wasn’t fantasy material, and everything about this little cottage said romantic getaway.

Yep, Alexa thought as she carried her canvas duffel, leather purse and tonight’s dress up onto the cottage porch, it’s officially time to get a life. Not that she regretted leaving Blueberry Creek Ranch back home in Montana to come help her sister, Cassandra, get through a tough pregnancy and then a drawn-out divorce. But working long hours for Cohen’s Blissful Body Care, then spending weekends babysitting her two-year-old nephew, Dusty, Alexa wasn’t enjoying the life she’d dreamed of having, and more often than ever she found herself thinking of home and how great it would be for all of them to return to the ranch to start over.

It didn’t help that for almost a year she’d been acting as personal assistant to two CEOs at Cohen’s. Luke, who was working from afar as he helped his wife launch her new product line out in Blueberry Springs, and his cousin, the interim CEO, Cash.

Cash. Her heart gave an extra thump just thinking about that package of irresistible male. He was the kind of man women made rules about. And then went ahead and broke.

She’d fallen for Cash like a mare in heat, ignoring the very obvious fact that the attraction she felt was merely something he’d orchestrated, expert playboy that he was. And yet even though she knew better, it always felt so real when he looked at her as though she was the center of his world, and as though she was important, sexy and wanted.

But she wasn’t. Or wouldn’t be for longer than that shared moment when their eyes locked, and then one of them politely looked away.

She set down her duffel and new purse—a very thoughtful early Christmas gift from Cash. Then, slinging her soft gray party dress over her arm, she rapped her knuckles on the cottage’s sunny yellow door, rattling the plastic candy canes hanging from its driftwood decoration. Sighing when nobody answered, she tucked her long hair behind her ears and knocked louder so Desmond, her “date,” could hear.

Why couldn’t she find what her friends had? Partners, families, or at least a fun fling to keep her mind occupied for a while.

Her thoughts drifted to Cash once again. Luke was likely to return to Cohen’s to take over his old CEO position in the new year, which meant Cash wouldn’t be her boss for much longer. In fact, he was already overseas for the holidays, being wooed by a beverage company that wanted him to breathe new life into their bottom line. If he wasn’t her boss she could…

No. She shook her head, discarding thoughts of him as a possible fling. All bosses, current or past, were off-limits.

But she was going to miss him. There was something so entirely unexpected about Cash. When he looked at her with those warm, chocolaty eyes, she was unable to think of anything other than ways to make his wide mouth curve up into a smile.

She just had to make it through a few more weeks, then she’d have just one boss again. Simple. No more temptation on the other side of the desk. No more Monday mornings where the fizz of anticipation at seeing him after the weekend brought her alive. No more smiles of gratitude over the mundane, no more insides feeling like she’d just indulged in a helping of her grandmother’s hot bread pudding on a cold winter’s day.

She went to pound her knuckles on the wooden door again just as it swung inward and a familiar, deep voice set her skin on fire as it said, “Desmond, it’s about time you got yourself to Indigo Bay, because I sure as—”

The voice halted as Alexa raised her gaze from the strong, bare chest of the man at the door and met the eyes of her boss, Cash Campbell.

End of sneak peek

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ebook price $0.99

No paperback currently available.


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