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Meet Polly, the heroine of Sweet Troublemaker.

Polly: Hi! I’m from Canada just like Jean although my life has been a bit different from hers. She’s SO not a trophy wife–she finally just bought mascara yesterday after a decade of not even owning any! Can you imagine? I really can’t. I used to be a high-society trophy wife and leaving the house without mascara was akin to a sin! Rumors would have started about how I was letting myself go. UGH! Thank goodness I left that life.

Anyway, I’m not really sure how I went from an independent, high rising woman in the financial world to a trophy wife…but I did. I suppose it was just making one choice at a time until I ended up at the end of a road I’d never planned on taking.

Naturally, I got my heart broken and I’m feeling a bit lost at the moment, but I have some old friends in the small oceanside town of Indigo Bay, South Carolina to help me laugh and find myself again. What would we do without friends, right?

And thank goodness I was invited all the way down here to go to this wedding! Although how on earth did I end up saving this whole event with Nick Wylder–he’s my (HOT!) exboyfriend from when we were teens. Did I mention he’s a cowboy? Yum. He has this way of looking at me that means trouble! There’s just something about him that causes me to let loose and just live for the joy of it when I’m around him. You know?

I call him my sweet troublemaker. And I’m starting to think about second chances…

Jean: Thanks, Polly! Polly’s story will be coming out May 9, 2019. Sign up for my newsletter to stay in the know! www.jeanoram.com/signup



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Sneak Peek of Sweet Troublemaker!

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