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The Naughty Girl Christmas List

Happy Holidays! Thank you for reading the Blueberry Springs series and hanging out with me this year. I’ve enjoyed meeting many readers through this blog, my Facebook page, Twitter, and my mailing list. Thank you!

For fun, I created a little something with Santa’s elves after a little North Pole chitchat. And wow, you girls are badass! I love it. So, we created a little something (Yes, a shareable image!) for you.

(I was voted most likely to kidnap Santa’s elves in order to use them as my personal minions. Wouldn’t they be awesome? Imagine the stuff they’d get done around the house and they would make fabulous babysitters!)

So, check it out. What were you voted most likely to do this holiday season?

Naughty girl christmas list

Happy holidays everyone!

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  1. Love this! Apparently my turkeys will be a little toastier than normal this year!! 🙂

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