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Why Did You Fall In Love: A Game and Giveaway

I have a little something fun for you today in celebration of another great new book, Betting on You, by Sydney Landon! It also includes a giveaway of a signed paperback copy of Whiskey and Gumdrops (open internationally) over in her launch party on Facebook. Everyone is welcome to attend! (The giveaway starts and ends today–giveaway is now over, but you can still play the game! Come on, it’s fun!)

Betting On You by Sydney Landon

How Did You Fall In Love?: A Game

Here’s how it works, using the first numerical digit that appears in your mailing address, find out who you fall in love with. (Mine is a 6.) Match that up with Part 1 below.

Part 2: Take the last digit in your phone number (mine is a 6 again) and match that up in the Part 2 list.

Part 3: Choose the corresponding number for your birth month. There are 13 in the list–choose #13 if you’d rather not share your birth month.

Put it all together and share it in the comment section below!

For example: I feel in love with the exboyfriend of a cousin because of his ability to lift me over his head and because he is fantastic at sexting.

Here’s the GAME! Enjoy!

I fell in love with the:

PART 1 (last digit of phone number):
0) hot resort owner
1) charity auctioneer
2) head honcho at Danvers International
3) valet
4) drinks server
5) brother of my best friend
6) exboyfriend of a cousin
7) brickwall of a bodyguard
8) rock hard & ready limo driver
9) personal assistant (male) to the grand poomba

because of his

PART 2 (first number to appear in your mailing address):
0) killer instincts
1) buns of steel
2) raw sex appeal
3) big feet
4) tight pants
5) minty fresh breath
6) ability to lift me over his head
7) hundred thousand dollar car
8) knowledge of the Joy of Sex
9) strong hands

and because he

PART 3 (use your birth month, or #13 if you’re 29 forever! 😉 ):
1) is hot and wild in bed.
2) won’t tell anyone that I photocopied my buttcheeks using the office copier.
3) is fantastic at sexting.
4) tickled me behind my ear with his lips.
5) knows what to say to make me be a vixen in the bedroom.
6) knows how to put down the X-Box and get into…other boxes.
7) has a yacht bigger than mine and knows what to do with it.
8) did the Macarena with a straight face.
9) knew the difference between a g spot and a g string.
10) looks good in nothing but an apron.
11) can talk fast and dirty.
12) can drive around corners on two wheels.
13) knows that a broom closet isn’t just for storing brooms. <wink, wink>

Why did you fall in love? Share it in the comment section over in Sydney’s party for a chance to win, or simply place it in the comment section below if the giveaway is already over. (Giveaway is now over. Thank you to all who entered!)

Whiskey and Gumdrops: A Blueberry Springs Chick Lit Contemporary Romance

P.S. There will be another fun game–staring Cupid right here on Valentine’s Day! AND I will be revealing the cover and blurb for Rum and Raindrops as well as launch party plans (which include giveaways!) in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and sign up for my free mailing list to stay in touch. I’ve got lots planned for 2014.


  1. Fun!
    I fell in love with the valet because he can lift me over his head and he has a yacht bigger than mine and he knows what to do with it 🙂
    Apparently we both like a strong guy! 🙂

    1. Strong men are not be taken for granted, Jemi. 😉 Thanks for playing!

  2. I fell in love with the brickwall of a bodyguard because of his tight pants and because he knows what to say to make me a vixen in the bedroom.

    1. Hi Emily! Thanks for stopping by the blog and playing along. I gotta say, those tight pants crack me up! (It’s from a Will Farrel skit and it just does me in.) Glad you found love! 😉

  3. I fell in a love with a charity auctioneer because he had the killer instinct to tickle me behind my ear with his lips.

    1. Thanks for playing Tara! You got to watch those auctioneers!

  4. Melissa Provost

    I fell in love with a valet who had very big feet and was fantastic at sexting. So much fun!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Melissa. Thanks for playing!

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