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Want to Be in Rum and Raindrops?

Who wants to be mentioned in my next Blueberry Springs novel, Rum and Raindrops?

Here’s the deal, Jen Kulak, the heroine in Rum and Raindrops is in need of a rum drink. Book one, Champagne and Lemon Drops had Beth drinking champagne and referring to one of the heroes as ‘champagne.’ Whiskey and Gumdrops had the heroine Mandy making prize winning whiskey and gumdrops brownies and enjoying vanilla spiced whiskey with Coke alongside her best friend Frankie. Now we have Rum and Raindrops and Jen needs a drink of choice!

Jen is a tough on the exterior kind of girl who keeps herself separate from town due to a history of not feeling loved. Of believing everyone only wants her for what they can get in return. She rescues injured birds and likes to run away when things get tough. Oh, and she accidentally burned down the forest where she does her wilderness guiding and just fell in love with the fire investigator who is there to put her ass in jail. (Maybe…) (You can read a sneak peek of Jen’s story here.)

So, is she a girly drink kind of gal? Or a tough rum drinking pirate type? It’s up to you! Pop over to my Facebook page ( and let me know what you think or leave your drink of choice in the comment section here on the blog. I’m going to leave this ‘contest’ open until tomorrow (Thursday, December 12, 2013) at which time I will randomly close the contest and choose a winning drink. If it is you, you will be mentioned in the acknowledgements of the book and I will send you a signed paperback of the book upon its release this spring!

So? What’s Jen’s drink?

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