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Sneak Peek from Upcoming Book Accidentally Married

Seven Lines! I was tagged for a game on Facebook where you share seven lines from the book you are working on.

Accidentally Married romance Veils and Vows by Jean OramI’m currently working on Jill and Burke’s story, Accidentally Married, which is Veils and Vows book 4 and will be released everywhere March 22. (It is already up for preorder on iBooks.)

I’m excited about this book as the idea of accidentally marrying someone tickles me to no end! (And then, of course, having these characters fall in love before they can separate is even better!)

This is a snippet from Burke Carver’s scene–he is sooooo not into marriage. And guess what? He and Jill accidentally got married.


* * *
The stress had to be getting to him. His quest for market expansion being blocked by Jill and her inability to immediately free up his credit was making him twitch. His team had invested heavily in creating valuable momentum and now it would be all for nothing. Lost.

He had to find the answer and it was most definitely not marriage. That was never the answer. Women left. And when they did, they had a tendency to take down as much around them like an angry kitten with a vendetta against draperies and glass vases. Absolute and total destruction.

What had he been thinking uttering “I do?”

* * *

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Thank you to romance author M. Jane Colette for tagging me. She has a new release coming next month called Screw Chocolate. Her books are spicy and her hair colour is FABulous. Check her out!

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