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How Canadian Writers Stay Warm

No, this isn’t the headline for a funny meme–but it could be. Today, we’re talking Canada, eh? Like, winter in the Great White North. If you’re going to Timmy’s for a double-double make sure you plug in the car. No, it’s not electric. You’re plugging in a heater attached the engine that will warm the oil so the engine can turn over in cold weather.  (Oil becomes very thick when cold!) And if you’re going tobogganing wear your toque! (Sledding–wooly hat.)

All righty then. So how do we writers stay warm when the outside world hurts our faces because it’s sooooo cold out?

There are a ton of ways to stay warm, but the most curious to me are our hands. I thought I was the only one with the issue of keeping my hands warm while typing for hours. It turns out I am not alone. While my hand warmers aren’t the most glamourous (they’re well-used one-dollar stretchies with the fingers cut off), they do the trick.

If you’re from a milder climate you’re likely wondering why I don’t simply turn up the heat. You see, here’s the odd thing…even when the thermostat in the house says it’s room temperature, when it’s -30 C (-22F) or colder outside and especially if there’s a windchill taking it to -48C (-54F) or so, the house (as wonderfully sealed as it is) ends up with a bit of a chill to it. The outer doors start to freeze shut, ice builds up on the inside of the windows… and other crazy stuff like that.

In our first house–a house built during the war (WWII)–if we left the kitchen cupboard doors closed the food inside froze! And I tell ya, having a closet that shared two outer walls ensured I took my clothes out way before I wanted to put them on. They were so shockingly cold!

My current home is much, much warmer than that one, but I do still get a chill in the winter months from time to time and especially if I have a deadline and find myself typing a ton (and not moving around as much as usual). When that happens I’m prepared! I’ll stick hand warmer packets under the glove’s fabric so I have nice and toasty heat warming me up. Ahhhh. Heaven! I have also been known to ask the dog to sleep across my wool-sock clad feet.

Here are some tidbits from some of my favourite Canadian romance writing buddies who share the same cold snaps I do. Check them out!

Author Katie O’Connor

I love these so much! They’re gorgeous. Katie made these herself–she’s a multi-talented woman!

How Katie stays warm:

Winter is brutal here in Canada. I keep my hands covered when I write or my fingers seize up. Hot tea, hot toddies, and a warm fireplace are necessities.

You can find more about Katie and her romances on Amazon.

Roxy Buroughs

Roxy got these are a gift and they look so soft and warm!

I LOVE them. Cute and cozy. I use them during the winter months. Always with matching nail polish, of course. Great for combating the chill.

I warm up with homemade soups, too. But don’t try to match my nail polish to those.

(Have I ever mentioned we writers tend to be a fun and sassy bunch?)

Check out Roxy’s website for her latest romances: www.roxyboroughs.com

Win Day

I cheat a lot and spend as much of the winter as possible somewhere else.

When I’m writing in Canada, though, it’s not my hands that get cold. I have lousy circulation in my legs and feet. And I’m short. So I have a footstool with a built-in heater and fan! And a beautiful lap robe that a weaver friend made for me.

I need a stool like that! It sounds amazing as I write on the couch in the midst of the family chaos and a stool would be lovely seeing as my feet can’t touch the floor. And the heater? Bliss!

You can find Win’s books on Kobo and other retailers.

A.M. Westerling

A.M.’s wooly warmer was also a gift.

How does this writer stay warm?

I try to dress appropriately, which means layers. Sometimes lots of layers. And a hot beverage is always good too!


Check out A.M.’s historicals at Books We Love.

Jan O’Hara

How does Jan stay warm?

My current method for staying warm comes with a hefty dose of guilt. I “borrowed” [the cup] from my husband, because it makes me laugh.

(It shapes perfectly to my lips, not my husband’s.)

This is such a fun mug. I love it!

Pop by Jan’s website for more fun and books!

Jenna Howard

I have some fingerless gloves I crocheted and a mug and tea addiction that just won’t slow down.

We then went down a rabbit hole about all the great cups they have at Chapters (a bookstore in Canada where I *may* have spent a little bit on cups for myself as well as reader gifts for the New Year! They have awesome cups and I’ll be giving one away in my fan group on Facebook. Join the Jeanster family if you haven’t already!).

You can like Jenna Howard’s page on Facebook as well as find out more over there about her latest steamy romance.

Brenda Sinclair

Brenda claims, as I do about my own talents, that we’re not talented enough to make these amazing hand warmers on our own. But she loves these ones she bought at local craft sale.

Her stay-warm must-haves also include:

…fuzzy warm socks and a hot Carmel Drizzle coffee.


Pop by Brenda’s website for a full list of her books.

Suzanne Stengl

And then because there is a monkey in every group (it’s usually me!), Suzanne Stengl sent me this picture of…

My good ole Canadian hand warmers.

I’m pretty sure she’s not typing in those, but she will indeed be warm while skiing.

I like the skis Suzanne!

You can find out about the whimsical Suzanne on her website.

Thanks for hanging out with us. I hope you’ve been staying warm this winter–and if you’re a reader south of the equator I hope you’re not too warm!

In the comment section tell us how you stay warm/cool when the weather plays the ‘extreme game?’

Take care and thanks for reading.


P.S. If you need a book to keep you warm (or cool!) this month check out my book, The Promise, which is free for all newsletter subscribers. Sign up with your favourite email and instantly claim your freebie! Warning–this book is a real roller coaster. You’ll be laughing and crying with this sweet romance. Get your copy of The Promise here: www.jeanoram.com/FREEBOOK

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