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Happy New Year! (Beat me in a Reading Challenge!)

Want to challenge me to…a reading challenge? I’ll bet you’ll win! In 2017 I joined the Goodreads reading challenge. And failed.

I challenged myself to read 50 books. I read 15 for myself. (I don’t count kids books.) And yes, I am embarassed by that. I’m a former librarian, a woman who used to belong to 3 book clubs, a writer, and someone who used to be such an avid reader she was a top 25 reviewer on Goodreads.

I mean, 15 isn’t bad…but I didn’t finish as many as I started. And only 19,000 of the 3 million challengers completed their challenge…so I shouldn’t feel too bad. I’m in great company.

This year I’m going to aim a little lower. I’m going to aim for 20 books. How about you?

Are you on Goodreads? Do you want to see if you can outdo me in 2018? Friend me! Challenge me! Tell me in the comment section below how many books you hope to read in 2018.

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