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Teaser: Sweet Matchmaker (New Release)

Have you been to Indigo Bay? Come get swept away by 6 delicious reads by 6 sweet romance authors. Read one, read them all! And might I suggest you start with my fun romp, Sweet Matchmaker?

Ginger hates liars. And she just married a spy! Oh, boy! You know this is going to get good. Pick up your copy and dive on in!

$2.99 → US UK CA AU

paperback $9.99


(Uh, oh! Ginger’s just busted her fake fiancé coming in from a secret mission in the middle of the night!)
Logan stepped onto the firm wet sand of the beach and turned to take off his flippers.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

He stumbled, digging one his flippers in the sand and tumbling over.


She stood above him, hands on her hips, looking very much the wife of a man caught scuba diving alone, in the middle of the night.


“Hi, honey.”

“Don’t ‘hi honey’ me.”

May as well go with the truth.

“This is exactly what it looks like.”

“Really?” She didn’t sound convinced, but his honesty had taken her edge and disintegrated it.

“Yup. And you look beautiful in the moonlight.”

“Scuba diving? In the middle of the night?”

He slipped off the flippers. “It’s just around supper in Australia.”

“That’s not going to work with me, buster.” She pulled him to his feet and he was half tempted to resist, give her a gentle tug that would have her landing on top of him in her jeans and sweatshirt. “You didn’t tell anyone where you were going.”


She shook her head, gazing up at him. “You do weird things in the middle of the night.”


She was studying him, obviously wishing she had the right to interrogate him. Instead of pursuing the thread of conversation like most women would have, she gave up with a sigh. “How did you even find a wetsuit to fit you?”

She was appraising him now, her curiosity palpable. The suit was thick and tight, no doubt showcasing everything he had to offer, the moonlight enhancing certain bulges as the wet material gleamed. He stood a little taller.

“Want to help me take it off?” he asked. His voice was lower, his tone slightly gruff as he tried to hide his longing for the woman before him.

“Ha,” she said weakly.

“Please?” He turned, offering her his back, where the zipper was located. It appeased him knowing she felt the draw, too. That pull cord that seemed connected to the shutter they both usually kept closed around others. Around her the shutters opened and she walked right on in without the usual sirens blaring or lasers slicing the air. It was like she had the top-secret, high-clearance fingerprint that allowed her exclusive entry. He kind of liked the idea of that. Having someone who belonged, who fitted up against his soul.

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