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Sneak Peek from Indigo Bay: Kay Correll’s Sweet Sunrise

It’s another wonderful Tuesday and that means it’s time for another fun Indigo Bay book to sweep you away! Are you ready?

Let’s dive in.

Today’s release is Sweet Sunrise by Kay Correll.

Sweet Sunrise by Kay Correll

$2.99 → US UK CA AU

Sometimes life has a way of teaching lessons whether you’re ready to learn them or not…

The last place on earth Will Layton wants to be is Indigo Bay, but his younger sister needs him and he’s never been able to say no to her. But she left out a few details… like their father staying with her and the girl who dumped him years ago is living right next door.

The last person Dr. Ashley Harden thought she’d see in Indigo Bay is Will Layton, but he’s back in town and just as irresistible as when they were young. Seeing Will again is a complication that isn’t on her carefully mapped out life plan.

In spite of Ashley’s best intentions, she starts falling for Will again, but nothing has changed. She’s still focused on getting the townspeople to accept her and see her as more than the girl from the wrong side of town, while Will is determined to guard his heart at any cost.

Not the easiest road to true love… especially when secrets from the past are revealed and history threatens to repeat itself.

(P.S. If you missed the first two Indigo Bay sweet romances, you can find out more: Book 1: Stacy Claflin’s Sweet Dreams and Book 2: Jean Oram’s Sweet Matchmaker. These books can be read out of order. Dive in anywhere!)

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Sneak Peek of Kay’s Sweet Sunrise

They both stood suspended in time, looking at each other, shocked to be thrown together again. She finally took the last few strides to the bottom of the stairs and looked up at him. “Will.”

“Ashley.” He searched her face, noting the changes. She’d lost the young high school girl look, replaced with a more serious and mature presence. Her emerald-green eyes looked at him expectantly. He fought the urge to either take the few steps down to her or turn and run.

“What are you doing here, Ashley?”

“I could ask the same thing.”

“I’m here visiting my sister.” He noticed his knuckles had gone white from gripping the railing so tightly, and he forced himself to release his hold.

“She didn’t mention you were coming.” Her voice sounded exactly the same—deep, throaty and… enchanting.

No, it didn’t.

He was no longer under that spell.

He cleared his throat. “Strange. She failed to mention you were back here, either.” He could hear the cold edge to his voice. His mind reeled. What else had his sister conveniently forgotten to tell him?

“You’re here to help with your father?”

“You know about him?”

She paused, one graceful hand resting on the stair rail. “I’m… I’m his doctor.”

Doctor. Ashley was a doctor now. She’d made it. Done what she said she’d do all those years ago. But of course she had. He really hadn’t doubted it. When Ashley set her mind on something, she never wavered, not for a moment.

“Another fact Whit forgot to mention.” The air around him was devoid of oxygen, and he sucked in a couple of deep breaths, trying to get his focus, trying to steady his safe little world that had just come crashing down around him.

“I’m renting the cottage next door.” Ashley nodded in the direction of the neighboring building. The cottage that was way too close to Whitney’s, as far as he was concerned. He’d prefer Ashley live on the other side of the world, but if she had to live in Indigo Bay, couldn’t she have at least picked a place on the other side of town?

Read Sweet Sunrise for only $2.99 → US UK CA AU

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