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RELEASE DAY: Sweet Tidings (Indigo Bay)

I’ve been looking forward to this day since I began writing my Indigo Bay book, Sweet Joymaker, back in January.

And today is the release day for the first book in the new Indigo Bay Christmas Romances series!


Jean C. Gordon writes such awesome characters–so awesome I added two of her past characters into my upcoming Indigo Bay book!

Today’s new release, Sweet Tidings, from Jean is going to be great! It has all the things you love–sweet romance, small towns, beaches, and Christmas!

And one thing I adore…fake relationships (that turn real!).

Grab your hot chocolate and sit down with this new release! (And keep scrolling for a sneak peek from Jean C Gordon’s Sweet Tidings.)


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Sweet Tidings by Jean C Gordon

Sweet Tidings Sneak Peek

Mayor Amanda Strickland slapped her desk. She held a Master’s degree in
planning for heaven’s sake. So why was planning the Indigo Bay Christmas
season getting to her? Three perfectly good reasons. She could tick them off
like items in a to-do list. It was her first Christmas as Indigo Bay’s mayor. She
wanted to do right by her adopted hometown that she loved. And because
she was a perfectionist.

Her phone rang. “Hello, Mayor Strickland,” she answered with her title as

“Well, hello Mayor Strickland.”

It took Amanda a moment to identify the deep drawl on the other end. “Well,
as I live and breathe,” she said in her best southern belle imitation. “Is this
movie mogul, Eric Slade?”

Eric laughed. “The one and only.”

Amanda went back to her normal voice. “To what do I owe the honor?”

“I have a proposition.”

His words sent a shiver through her that they shouldn’t. They’d worked
together during the last hurricane to hit Indigo Bay and usually went out to
dinner or something whenever he was in town visiting Jeff and Sonja
Brewster. Purely as friends. Anything more would be beyond what she’d want
to handle. A disastrous secret engagement back in grad school had resulted
in her mom giving her a piece of advice she followed to this day. Too bad her
mom hadn’t taken it herself.

“What will Maya London think?” She shook her head. Why had she said that?
It was admitting that she at least read the tabloid magazines’ headlines in
store checkout lines. Which she did, and always had, although she wasn’t in
the habit of buying them. Except on the occasions when the headline
mentioned him.

“Hopefully, that I’m unavailable, no matter how much she stalks me,” he
answered in a resigned voice.

“She’s been stalking you?”

“What else could it be? She’s young enough to be my daughter.”

Amanda gulped a breath. She’d insulted him. “Sorry, I’m kind of stressed.
What are you thinking?”

“I’m spending the holidays with Jeff and Sonja. “My thought is we hang out
like we usually do, but make it look like a little more. Then, an amicable split
after the holidays.”

“A fake holiday romance? Have you been watching Hallmark Christmas

“Hallmark? No!”

Amanda couldn’t determine whether his denial was pure disgust or a too
emphatic protest. “I’m going to have to give your proposition some thought
and let you know. Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing you again.” If her
breathlessness was any indication, a little too much.

“I’ll have to be satisfied with that. But it could be fun. Even mayors are
allowed to have fun.”



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