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NetGalley Review Copy Available: The Surprise Wedding

The Surprise Wedding romance Veils and Vows by Jean OramDo you like to review books? Do you have an account on NetGalley? A read-and-review copy of The Surprise Wedding is available during the month of March as part of my Blueberry Springs 5-year birthday celebration!

That’s right! I’ve partnered with the always fabulous Kobo online bookstore to bring this book to reviewers via the NetGalley site.

Want to know more? Readers can join NetGalley for free–authors pay for the spot on the site. Readers then choose the book they’re interested in reading and reviewing and agree that in exchange for the free read-and-review copy of The Surprise Wedding they will post an honest review online.

Why do authors pay for this service? Don’t we get enough reviews from readers?

Great questions! Reviews can be difficult to come by, believe it or not. Reviews take time and often readers feel that they don’t know what to say.

What to say? Don’t sweat it! Reviews don’t have to be long or fancy. Sometimes the best, and most helpful reviews are short and simply share what the reader thought of the book. Did it make you cry? Laugh? Did it surprise you? Think of what you’d tell a friend about the book and write it down. That’s a review!

Why do reviews matter?

Reviews help readers decide whether to give a book a try or not. They also show that others are indeed reading that book! (And therefore worthy of consideration.) As well, often book promotion sites where authors apply to have their books listed require that books have a certain number of reviews.

And so that’s why we authors LOVE reviews so much!

Interested in giving The Surprise Wedding and NetGalley a try? You can find the book here.

Already read The Surprise Wedding? Why not leave a review on your favourite online bookstore or Goodreads? Thank you.

FYI. Please note that if you share the books entrusted to you via NetGalley’s read-and-review program your contact info is now embedded in the book’s file. 

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