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Blueberry Springs is Five! Cover reveal!

Happy Birthday Blueberry Springs! 🎈🎈🎈

It’s been five wonderful years since I published my first book which was in the Blueberry Springs series. Time has flown and the years have been filled with publishing 19 books, making AMAZING reader friends as well as author friends.

To celebrate I’ve commissioned all new covers for my Blueberry Springs books–all 7! (Plus two box sets.) Today I’m revealing the cover for Whiskey and Gumdrops–a book that originally was book 2 in the series but is now book 1.

Whiskey and Gumdrops is a best friends romance about a small town waitress with big dreams and a best friend whose love scares her. You can read a sneak peek of the book right here on my site if you haven’t dived into it already.

Insider Sneak Peek in the creation of Whiskey and Gumdrops: While writing this book I fell behind on its release schedule (by about 5 months) as my mom was terminally ill and we were moving house and communities. This book taught me to write anywhere, anytime. I wrote in the ER, I wrote in vehicles when my 2-year-old fell asleep on a drive. (I’d park, pull out my computer and write until he woke up again.)

Want more insider sneak peeks into the books? Check out my Jeanster reader group on Facebook. Everyone’s welcome!

Walk down memory lane…

The original cover (2013-2015) created by an author friend (on the left) and then a cover I created (2015-2018):

Whiskey and Gumdrops romance Blueberry Springs by Jean Oram

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