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Cover Reveal for Rum and Raindrops!

🎂🎂🎂 Happy Birthday Blueberry Springs! 🎂🎂🎂

It’s the 5th birthday of the beloved Blueberry Springs series and today we’re revealing the cover for book 2, Rum and Raindrops.

💘 Sometimes the best boyfriend is the most unexpected one! 💘

This is a sweet romance about falling in love with the man you shouldn’t. Haven’t read it? Read a sneak peek right here on my site!

Insider Sneak Peek: Even though Rum and Raindrops was the third book I published, it was actually one of the first ones I wrote! I even submitted it to Harlequin. (They didn’t feel it fit their line. Maybe it was too funny? Ha ha!)

Want more insider sneak peeks into the Blueberry Springs books? Check out my Jeanster reader group on Facebook. Everyone’s welcome!

Walk down memory lane…

The original cover (2014-2015) created by an author friend (on the left) and then a cover I created (2015-2018):

Rum and Raindrops romance Blueberry Springs by Jean Oram

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