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Love and Danger is on SALE!


This weekend only, Love and Danger, book 4 in the Summer Sisters Tame the Billionaires series, is on sale! Knock 70% off your digital cover price and only pay $0.99 (99 pence)!

“This book becomes an instant favorite for any reader!” -Nerd Girl Official, Stephenee


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Love and Danger 99 cents

One shattered war hero. One hippie. Two very unlikely lovers.

Evander de la Fosse believes he’s only good for one thing: stopping bullets meant for others. But as war-torn hero Evander shadows single mother Daphne Summer he finds himself wishing for the one thing war took from him—a life worth living. Daphne, with her bright and upbeat disposition, possesses a pull on him he can’t deny.

Believing in the power of love and destiny, Daphne figures fate must have a wicked streak for sending her polar opposite—Evander, a well-armed bodyguard—into her life. She doesn’t need him, nor does she want him or his military ways seeping into her world. She has a life to live, a daughter to raise, and a family cottage to save in less than two weeks. The last thing she needs is to get involved with another Mr. Wrong. But the steely-eyed, former military hunk refuses to leave her side after a confrontation with the enemy ends in threats.

Daphne, determined not to add fuel to the fight, tries to convince Evander to back down. But Evander knows Daphne needs him—needs him for more than just protection. Will the two find a way to see eye-to-eye as well as heart-to-heart before the enemy takes them down?

“It kept me turning pages all night!” –DStewart via Amazon.

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