International Chick Lit Month

It’s Chick Lit May!

What is Chick Lit May?

It’s a celebration of those funny, charming romantic comedies such as The Shopaholic, Bridget Jones’s Diary and the like. Think Blueberry Springs! Sweet and funny.

In past years I’ve had interviews here on the blog and more. This year there is stuff happening ALL over the internet. Yesterday, I made some #ChickLitRecs on Twitter, there’s a #ChickLitChat coming up, and all sort of other good things–just follow the #ChickLitMay hashtag on your favourite social media site! And as always, you can always find great Chick Lit reads with the #ChickLit hashtag.

I hope you find some awesome new reads!



Pst! Here are a few of my tweets from #ChickLitRec:

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