Book Quote Wednesday, Jean's sneak peeks

Can you take the heat? (#BookQW)

Oh, the banter!

Don’t you love it when the hero and heroine butt heads as the tension between them tightens like a live wire?

Where there’s heat in their words without explicitness?

As a reader I loooooove that!

And so for this week’s #BookQW (Book Quote Wednesday) I have chosen an exchange between Josh and Simone from Falling for the Firefighter (formerly titled Love and Mistletoe). They’re snowed in and things are heating up!

A sneak peek from Falling for the Firefighter where Simone and Josh banter about girlfriends and kisses!

Want more? You’ve got it! Enjoy the whole book–dive in today:

ebook price $3.99!

paperback price $10.99

Also available in audio!

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