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Cover Reveal for Tequila and Candy Drops! (And how I stole from myself.)

🎂🎂🎂 Happy Birthday Blueberry Springs! 🎂🎂🎂

Tequila and Candy Drops! The last book written in the series, but the first book I wrote! What? How can that be? Read on to find out.

💕 The best boyfriends are worth the risk 💕

Tequila and Candy Drops is a best friends romance with a twist–the hero is super afraid of commitment and a night together has unforeseen consequences that put them both on the path to sorting out what they mean to each other–and fast! But these two have been friends forever and there is nobody else they’d rather be with… Read a sneak peek right here on my site!

I think this is one of my favourite covers of them all–although I do have to admit that I love each and every one of them. However, I love this one even though the woman on the cover reminds me of a woman I know who drives me a little nuts with her bragging!

Insider Sneak Peek…

Not quite eleven years ago I was working as a high school librarian and I had the summer off with my three-year-old daughter (and husband who still works in schools). One fine August day I giggled to myself as an idea hit me. I was going to write a novel. A romance! I loved Helen Fielding’s and Meg Cabot’s books and I wanted to write something funny (and heart-wrenching) like theirs. And so I did. I wrote Critical Point of Balance which featured best friends Todd and Nicola. But Tequila and Candy Drops isn’t quite that book. You can hear all about how I stole from myself in this video…

You can also read more insider sneak peeks in my Jeanster reader group on Facebook.

Walk down memory lane…

The original cover I created in 2016:

Tequila and Candy Drops romance Blueberry Springs by Jean Oram


  1. Karen Surprenant

    How old is you daughter now? I was confused with the 3 short stories. That’s when you were just releasing them. I couldn’t figure out why you wrote such cliffhangers. By doing that though, I had to read them all to see what was going to happen with all the characters. Seriously, I couldn’t wait for the last book to come out. (I did leave you good reviews, but that was a while ago). Keep on writing!

    1. She is now 14, Karen. Time flies!

      I had planned to release the novels right after the short stories so the cliffhangers wouldn’t be quite so evil. But I always underestimate how long it will take me to get a book written and released. Some go so fast and some take me months and months and months!

      Thanks for leaving the reviews Karen. They are ever-so helpful in helping me find new readers through promotions which require that my books have a certain number of reviews.

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