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Happy Birthday Blueberry Springs: Vodka and Chocolate Drops Cover Reveal

🎈🎈🎈 Happy Birthday Blueberry Springs! 🎈🎈🎈

Do you have a favourite cover of all the new ones revealed so far? Today we have Vodka and Chocolate Drops–the book that nearly did me in as a writer!

🍫 The best boyfriends come bearing chocolate! 🍫

Vodka and Chocolate Drops is a best friends romance. Amber Thompson believes she doesn’t deserve the love of her best friend Officer Scott Malone. But then…something changes her mind and guess what? She’s got some changes to make in her life if she wants to claim the love she’s always secretly wanted but has been too afraid to claim. How’s she going to do it? Read a sneak peek right here on my site!

Insider Sneak Peek…


I started writing Vodka and Chocolate Drops years before it was published under the title Getting Through. (It completed all levels (you have to get a certain number of marks from readers for it to proceed) in an online writing contest on WEbook which felt pretty good at the time!)

I was inspired by a Sheryl Crow song (It Don’t Hurt) where a woman destroys the house she shared with her ex. Well, if you’ve read Vodka and Chocolate Drops you’ll see some of that inspiration right there on the pages. Originally, Amber destroyed the entire house like in the song. But early readers thought that was a bit…too much…especially since she lived in that same house! (Details, details…) So things changed a bit but you can read that sneak peek where she destroys stuff. (Enjoy!) You can also read more insider sneak peeks in my Jeanster reader group on Facebook. It’s a private group, but all readers are welcome.

Walk down memory lane…

The original cover I created in 2015 is below. I definitely like the new one by Najla Qamber best:

Vodka and Chocolate Drops romance Blueberry Springs by Jean Oram

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