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The Story Behind the Story: Champagne and Lemon Drops 5 Years Later

🎁🎁🎁 Happy Birthday Champagne and Lemon Drops–the Book that Started it All! 🎁🎁🎁

Champagne and Lemon Drops is the first book I ever published and originally it was the book that started off the Blueberry Springs series–over half a million readers have read this book! Read on to find out what the title means and why this book was published when it was.

💘 Sometimes the best boyfriend is still your ex. 💘

Champagne and Lemon Drops breaks a lot of romance rules which either delights or disappoints readers. It’s a story of heartbreak and happily ever afters–because sometimes the best ones are those you have to work hard to get. Want a taste? Start with the throat-clutching opening scene and read a sneak peek right here on my site! Or, if you prefer audio, check out Cris Dukehart’s amazing reading of this whirlwind book.

Insider Sneak Peek…

An author friend, Cali MacKay, encouraged me to try publishing my romance novels independently–that means instead of finding a publisher, we individually pay for all of the costs up front for creating and publishing a book. We have complete control and dictate everything from covers to who we hire as an editor. It’s no small task!

At that time, Champagne and Lemon Drops felt like it was the closest to ready and I wanted to publish something soon as my mom was terminally ill. She was a visual artist and a great supporter of mine, and therefore I wanted her to see my first book out in the world before her time came. So on March 7th, 2013, I hit publish. And the rest is history. The author bug bit me big time! I’ll be releasing book 20 this month which is the fifth anniversary of the publication date of Champagne and Lemon Drops!

Did you know Champagne and Lemon Drops was almost published as Caviar and Lemon Drops? Why lemon drops? Let me tell you a story…

I grew up in a small town of 100 people and my best friend lived just down the street–because everything in town was just down the street! (The hamlet is still only 3 blocks long.) As a kid, both of my grandfathers had passed on. (One before I was born and one when I was 2.) My friend lived right next door to her grandfather who I also saw as my own, and his house backed on to the hamlet’s playground. When we’d be out in the playground and see him in the yard, we’d go “rob him” as he always had candies in his pockets. Chiclets (gum) and lemon drop candies were his favourite.

Well, as a kid I had a real sweet tooth and rarely got candy so even though those lemon drops were often covered with pocket lint they were the best candies ever! And so in the book I decided to write that in:

“Oz is a lemon drop, Beth. Everyone loves a lemon drop, even when it’s covered in lint”

And so there’s part of the title, too. Oz is a lemon drop. And Nash, the other hero, is champagne:

“Nash is an acquired taste, like champagne. Not everyone likes champagne, but it gives an elegant impression.”

So? Which do you prefer? Lemon drops or champagne? Tell me in the comment section below!

Want more insider sneak peeks into the Blueberry Springs books? (Discover another secret just-about-happened title for Champagne and Lemon Drops!) Check out my Jeanster reader group on Facebook where I dish out more about this book as well as the other Blueberry Springs books!

Walk down memory lane…

The original cover (2013-2015 by Cali MacKay–is it GORGEOUS or what!) and then the cover I created for it when I moved it from book 1 in the series to simply a companion to the series (2015-2018):

Champagne and Lemon Drops


  1. Nancy Schreib

    Lemon Drops

    1. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Nancy!

  2. Ewa Bednarz

    I love this book the most because it got me started on the series.
    For few hours I can relax and dream of living in a town where everyone cares about everybody ❤️❤️❤️
    Wish it wasn’t only a dream 🙃

    1. Aw. Small towns can be amazing. When my husband hit a deer with the truck a few months ago so many people stopped to see if he was okay. Naturally, the whole town knew about his accident before he actually made it in to town later!

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