Veils and Vows are now in AUDIO!

Did you see I have new audiobooks available? Dive into seven new marriage of convenience romance audiobooks!

I’m testing Google’s new AI narrator, Maddison. She’s cute and even has a slight lisp like I sometimes do. I’ve sped her up a bit to 1.15x the speed to give you a faster, smoother listening experience AND I’ve posted these new audiobooks at a very sweet price! They match the price of the ebook.


Get these marriage of convenience romance audiobooks exclusively on Google Play (click the links below to start listening):


The Promise $2.99

The Surprise Wedding FREE

A Pinch of Commitment $3.99

The Wedding Plan $3.99

Accidentally Married $3.99

The Marriage Pledge $3.99

Mail Order Soulmate $3.99


The Promise Jean Oram audiobookThe Surprise Wedding by Jean Oram audiobookA Pinch of Commitment by Jean Oram audiobook romanceThe Wedding Plan by Jean Oram romance audiobookAccidentally Married by Jean OramThe Marriage Pledge by Jean Oram romance audiobookMail Order Soulmate by Jean Oram romance audiobook

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