Book Quote Wednesday

Book Quote Wednesday: Nothing (From Love and Mistletoe)

It’s my favourite day of the week– #BookQW! (That’s Book Quote Wednesday if you’re new to the hashtag.) Today’s word is Nothing. There’s nothing ventured and nothing gained for Josh and Simone in Love and Mistletoe… Speaking of nothing… The audiobook of Love and Mistltoe is only 99 cents on Nook Audiobooks for a flash sale! That’s just $4.95 on …

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Jean Oram's Books

Interview with Audiobook Narrator Cris Dukehart

Who is the voice behind the audiobook version of Champagne and Lemon Drops? Cris Dukehart! She graciously allowed me to interview her and here’s the behind-the-scenes scoop on narrating an audiobook as well as what it was like immersing herself in Blueberry Springs as she recorded Champagne and Lemon Drops. Cris Dukehart Who was your favourite Blueberry Springs character? EEEP! …

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