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The Autumn Cooking Challenge

If you’ve ever wanted a peek into the life of an author, it’s chaos. Especially in September here in the Oram household.

Not only am I married to a man who works in schools (and is coaching two teams this fall) but I’m also the mom of two kiddos who are also both involved in sports. So basically, in between writing sweet romances (The Marriage Pledge is off to my proofreaders and The Mail Order Soulmate‘s first draft is almost complete) and volunteering my small town community, my job is to keep the household on track.

That means that currently there’s a big pile of clean bedding sitting on top of the dryer right now, waiting to go on beds.

It also means that serving up fresh and healthy meals for the Oram family can be tricky with everyone coming and going!

So last week I issued myself a challenge in an attempt to streamline life, make things easier while still keeping my husband’s cholesterol in the green zone.

What’s the challenge?

To use my slow cooker more. As in at least once a week. A recipe where it’s the whole meal right there in the pot. No other stuff sucking up my time. Boom! Meal. Done and yum!

I do, after all, have a book to put out and a conference to pack for..

So yes. A cooking hack via the old Crock Pot.

Only I don’t have a lot of recipes!

But thanks to fellow sweet romance author Melissa McClone, I stumbled across a wonderful blog (New Leaf Wellness) that specializes in freezer slow cooker meals. Basically instead of your Supermom cape, you put on your Super Efficiency Supermom cape and prep the ingredients for meals ahead, freeze them, then thaw them when you’re ready and pop ’em into the slow cooker.

Or in my case, toss everything straight into the Crock Pot that morning…

The turkey black bean chili as recommended by Melissa was good. (I did make modifications–beef instead of turkey, etc. seeing as I only go to the grocery store once a week and what I had was what I had.)

Except now I’m stuck. Even with the blog of recipes and even though a friend gave me her slow cooker magazine last night while we were working at a fundraiser… I got intimidated looking at the recipes. What if my family doesn’t like them? Why are the recipes so complicated? What are some of those mysterious ingredients?

Make it simple, people! 😉

I need a recipe for next week’s challenge.

So I turn to you, dear reader.

Do you have a slow cooker recipe that’s tried, tested and true that you’d like to share? Share with me in the comment section!

Yours in slow cooking,
Jean Oram

P.S. If you want to follow my challenge I’m also (possibly more reliably) posting on my Facebook page as well as my Instagram page.

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