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Need a book to read while you wait for The Marriage Pledge?

Do you plow through sweet romances like crazy and need something to read while you wait for The Marriage Pledge–coming in October (woot!) & Mail Order Soulmate–coming in November (double woot!))? If so, you might want to check out this short little promo.

There are lots of sweet romances for free or 99 cents!

And that includes my two books Love and Rumors and Whiskey and Gumdrops. If you still haven’t read them, what are you waiting for? They are both free and both fabulous small town escapes written for readers just like you!

Love and Rumors by Jean Oram. Irresistible sweet small town romances. The Summer Sisters movie star sweet romance.So pick up Love and Rumors in ebook, paperback, or audio and dive in to this delicious movie star romance. (Hailey Summer–a regular small town gal has A LOT in store for movie star Finian Alexander! Including an attitude adjustment that just might make his (real) life worth enjoying once again.)

Read a sneak peek of Love and Rumors and choose your favourite format–ebook? Paperback? Audio? It’s all available!


Got your copy?


Ready for more?

Download my second freebie, Whiskey and Gumdrops! It’s another irresistible small town romance. This one is set in the charming mountain town of Blueberry Springs where everyone knows your business–for better or for worse! And that just might help out Mandy as she tries to not only avoid giving her best friend an answer about whether she loves him or not, but in her career as well. Download and dive in today!

Read a sneak peek of Whiskey and Gumdrops and choose the link to your favourite store in ebook or paperback.


Already have them and need more, more, more? I’ve got your back, jack! Check out this post on Sweet Romance Bargains–they have the full details on my two books plus more. Happy reading!

Hurry! This promo is a short one! (Prices are not guaranteed after the 3rd.)

Labor Day FREE & 99 Penny Promotion!



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