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Two Friends Work in a Bar…

So two friends work in a bar and fall in love. Only they don’t know they’re in love until AFTER they get married.


Mixed up?


Meet Amy and Moe. They tried the whole friends to lovers things years ago and it didn’t work out.

But everyone knows they have a thing for each other even if they refuse to admit it. (Friendship above all else, right?)

Well, here’s the deal. They both suck at love. So they made a pledge. A Marriage pledge.

And now it’s time to fulfill it.

No problem right…?


This sounds like it’s going to get very, very tricky!

Want to find out just how tricky it gets for these two as they strive to create a family together? (It’s delicious, I promise. I bring the heat to sweet with this one! Clean and sweet romance with a touch of heat–just they way you like it.)

Claim your happily ever after:



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