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3 Reasons to Love The Marriage Pledge’s Trailer

Do you like book trailers? Little cute videos about books? I have a few favourites–of course I do! (I’m an avid reader, writer and used to be a librarian. I looooove all things books!)


Here are three reasons to love the new trailer for The Marriage Pledge which released last week and has readers saying all sorts of lovely things about how the book made them feel. (Warm, content, happy!)

–5 stars, Karen M., Amazon

Three Reasons to Love the Book Trailer for The Marriage Pledge:

1. The song is so sweet. (I find myself walking around the house, singing it!)
2. The way these two look at each other in the videos reminds me so much of Amy and Moe, and how they’re completely in love with each other but don’t realize it. You can imagine them engaging in some prolonged eye contact and shrugging it off as them simply being good friends and being comfortable with each other–and not due to the big ol’ L-word.
3. You get the warm feel of this sweet romance in just 33 seconds.
Ready for your warm and fuzzies? Click play and enjoy!

This story had me smiling.

–Barbara, BookBub

Want more? Read a sneak peek of The Marriage Pledge.

Want even MORE? Grab your copy of The Marriage Pledge and indulge in a few warm moments to yourself. Happy reading!



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