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New Release: Love and Rumors: The Summer Sisters Book 1

Happy summer!

I wrote this book with you and your summer in mind. Love and Rumors, the first book in the Summer Sisters series is just in time for the beach, summer vacation, chilling out by the pool, or hanging out in the backyard.

Personally, I love a light, fun romance to read during the holidays and so I plucked the setting (cottage and all!) from my own childhood and adult summers in Muskoka Ontario, Canada. And because I love reading about families, I gave the series four sisters who are close–but still have their secrets and upsets.

Love and Rumors by Jean Oram

Love and Rumors features photographer Hailey Summer & movie star Finian Alexander and the trouble they get into while they try to use each other to meet their own secret goals–and, of course, fall in love along the way!

Here’s a sneak peek:

* * *

Finn followed the woman through the bar, ignoring the rough floorboards under his sandals as he watched her narrow hips sway. There was something about her beanpole body that did strange things to his mind. He wanted to bend her around him. Feel those long limbs. Skin to skin.

He gave himself a shake. Booty call later. Right now he had to friend her, draw out her photography skills, plant the idea that she could, and should, sell photos of him and get rich. Everyone wanted money.

He paused. This region, Muskoka, was a summer playground for the rich. Did that mean she was wealthy? Was that why she wasn’t snapping photos of him? She was an heiress to a multibillion-dollar company, and didn’t need to sell photos of the rich and famous because she was one of them?

If so, then he’d take the fame angle. Who wouldn’t want the prestige of selling an exclusive photo for thousands of dollars? He took another look at her swaying hips. Her jean shorts were faded white in the butt. They were a tad past “fashionable” and heading toward worn-out. Her sandals looked as though they should have been replaced a few seasons ago.

Hmm. Maybe not an heiress, then. Which meant he could likely sell her on fame and money. He grinned. This was too easy.
She turned suddenly, and Finn almost ran into her. “Whoa there.” He grabbed her elbows, his eyes meeting hers as he moved into her space, barely avoiding knocking her down. Mmm. She smelled nice. Outdoorsy. Fresh. Like rain and apple pie.

He glanced at her hands, looking for the coffee she’d had earlier, and found his eyes stuck on the cleavage exposed by her low-cut tank top.

Her knees buckled slightly as he leaned toward her heat, and her face paled.

What could he say? He had that effect on women. Although the pale face was odd. Usually they flushed. He glanced past her and realized he’d followed her—entranced by her sweet, worn-out butt—straight into a corner. There was no excuse for having followed her this closely. For cornering her. For holding her so close. For ogling her chest.

He gave her a dazzling smile. “Sorry, thought you were my sister.”

“You don’t have a sister,” she breathed. She blinked, eyes wide, catching herself.

Hot damn. She knew who he was. After days of being practically anonymous, he found it refreshing. A relief. Scratch that; it was sexy. Damn sexy.

“How do you know?” he asked with a grin.

“You’re a horrible liar.” She pushed him away, but he held on tight.

“What do you mean? I’m a fantastic liar. I get paid big money to lie every day.”

“To lie?” She crossed her arms in the sliver of space between them, eyebrow raised, her camera bag’s strap digging a swath into her shoulder’s skin.

She was challenging him. How interesting. He propped a hand on the wall beside her head, leaning close. Her eyes narrowed as he trapped her. Oh, this was fun. He’d forgotten how much fun a challenge was. He’d gotten used to women dropping their panties as soon as he shot them the right flavor of grin.

Time to pour it on.

He dropped his voice so it was low, gravelly. “Wouldn’t you like that?”


He ran a finger down the side of her jaw and watched, mesmerized, as her eyes fluttered shut and her breathing stuttered. “To pretend to be someone else. Pretend to be mine for the night. Hot for me to touch you in ways that will make you pant.”

He ran a fingertip over her bottom lip, closing in. Any second now she’d suck on his finger, pull him into the bathroom….

He didn’t expect the slap.

And he certainly didn’t expect someone as slight as her to be strong enough to leave him seeing white spots. Wow.

She hadn’t even hinted that she was going to move.

Her mouth dropped open in horror, before she clamped her hands over it. He watched as she wrestled with herself, her back pushed against the wall. If he played his cards right he’d bet his new BMW she’d get him ice for his cheek.

But there was something else behind her eyes. Something real. Something he’d forgotten.


He was one of those big cocky jerks women hated.

His stomach churned and he reached out for her, to let her know he didn’t mean it. To show her he was actually a nice guy. A guy whose mother would beat him about the ears if she’d heard what he’d just said to a nice Canadian girl in a nice Canadian town on a nice Canadian holiday.

Instead, he watched as his wild-haired chick slipped past him, fire blazing in her eyes. Filled with longing and regret, Finn placed his palms on the wall and hung his head. He liked her already.

* * *

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Happy summer and enjoy reading!

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  1. So happy this book is out and about for others to love – it’s SO good!

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