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Mail Order Soulmate Available for Preorder & a Sneak Peek with #BookQW

Mail Order Soulmate is now available for preorder AND I have a sneak peek teaser for this week’s Book Quote Wednesday ( #BookQW ).

What’s Mail Order Soulmate about?

It’s about finding love in the most unexpected places.

You may have met Zach in some of my earlier books. Local matchmaker Ginger has been working SO hard to find him someone special. And she’s failed, failed, failed.

Then one night he goes online shopping…

And a few days later Catherine arrives.

And she has a baby.

Only Zach doesn’t recall a thing.

Oh, yeah. Things are going to get GOOD as this former intelligence agent sorts out the mystery of the woman claiming to be his new wife.

Suspense. Intrigue. And the feel-good romp you’ve come to expect from the Veils and Vows series.

Here’s this week’s Book Quote Wednesday snippet to whet your appetite:

Preorder your copy of Mail Order Soulmate to find out if Catherine can truly let go of her past and find her future.

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