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How to Use a Coupon Code on Barnes and Noble & Claim 75% off!

This is a quick tutorial on how to apply a coupon code in the Barnes and Noble ebook store so you can enjoy 75% off all of my ebooks from now until the end of November 6th, 2018.

Barnes and Noble Jean oram books Veils adn Vows discount

First, select which books you’d like to add to your cart from Barnes and Noble and have magically appear on your Nook ereader or app. (You want to do the checkout process from their website store as it won’t work directly from your Nook.)

This is the fun part! Book shopping! You can find all of my ebooks on these two pages on Barnes and Noble.

Got them all in your cart? Let’s go save some money!

Depending on which button you used to get to your cart you may find the spot for your coupon code either to the right side of your screen, or you may see it below your order. Don’t hit check out yet! We need to apply your 75% off coupon!

Shown below, the coupon code box is below the order:

How to apply coupon code Barnes and Noble Jean oram booksClick on “open” beside Apply Coupon Code to get the box to open up like shown above. Then enter the code BNPJEANORAM75 and click “Apply.” To the right, in your order summary, you’ll see the price of your Jean Oram ebooks drop by 75%.

Or, you may also see your coupon code box to the right as shown below:

Again, same as above, enter coupon code BNPJEANORAM75 for your Jean Oram romance ebooks and click “apply.” Voila!

Look at how much you’re now saving on the entire Veils and Vows series! 6 books for less than $5. Wow!

Applying a discount code on Barnes and Noble, Saving 75%. $4.99 for entire Veils and Vows series.

Ready? Let’s click that checkout button. See you inside your next feel-good read. I’ll be waiting for you!



P.S. Did you know you can download the Barnes and Noble Nook app to your tablet or phone for free and read on the go! Sweet news! As well, several of my books are now available from Nook audio! Let my wonderful narrators read to you while you go about your daily business.

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