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Exclusive Sneak Peek of Sweet Forgiveness

Coming on Monday, May 28th, is the 10th heartwarming book in the Indigo Bay series, Sweet Forgiveness by Jean Oram.

(All books in the Indigo Bay world can be read out of order.)

On Monday comes a book about forgiveness, second chances, family, and heartbreaking love as well as finding your way back to the one you’re meant to be with. Read about hope, heartbreak, and making amends in a book you’re sure to remember long after you put it down.

I really enjoyed this book. Zoe and Ashton are great characters. The story has some truly heartbreaking parts but I was so happy that… [Spoiler alert! Hint: happy ending.]–Margaret (Beta reader)

The new release edition contains five bonus must-read scenes. Claim your copy with a preorder and download your book on Monday.

$2.99 → US UK CA AU  

Also available in paperback.

Scroll down for your exclusive sneak peek after the book blurb!

Forgiveness. Second chances…and secrets.

Resort manager Zoe Ward has spent the past year throwing her broken heart into rescuing abandoned pets and ensuring vacationing couples have the trip of their dreams. She even helps engaged couples create their happily ever afters, something she’d believed she was going to have with Ashton Wallace before he left with barely a word about why. But now he’s back and looking for a second chance.

Ashton can’t stop thinking about Zoe. He knows all she wants is marriage and a family, and he was certain he could provide it. However, when his past life came crashing in before he could pop the question, he left Indigo Bay in order to protect Zoe. But now that things have settled out again, he’s back and looking to turn his biggest regret into a happy ending.

Will Zoe find room in her heart for forgiveness? And can Ashton prove that this time he’s here to stay? Because he’s been keeping secrets that could ruin everything…and Zoe knows it.

This is the tenth novel in the Indigo Bay series, but all books can be read as standalones.

Exclusive Sneak Peek from Sweet Forgiveness

Zoe answered a few emails, then finished her shift and headed back to the cottage, her footsteps slowing as she grew closer.

“Hey,” Ashton said. He was coming around the side of the cottage, filthy from head to toe and looking exhausted.

“Need a shower?” As per their deal, he had use of the cottage bathroom and kitchen even though he was sleeping in the tent.

“I was thinking I’d take a swim in the ocean. Care to join me?”

Zoe turned to take in the lazily rolling Atlantic, then glanced back at Ashton. He looked wiped. If she didn’t go with him she’d likely spend the time worrying he was drowning.

And a swim did feel tempting. The day was muggy and a thin layer of sweat had gathered over her while she was walking home. Plus she couldn’t help but think that spending more time with Ashton might encourage him to open up, and spill some of the secrets she knew he was still keeping.

“Sure,” she said hesitantly. “Why not?”

Ashton ran up the porch steps to go get changed into his swimming trunks. “Last one in is a dirty rotten egg!”

Where had that burst of energy come from?

“Oh yeah?” Zoe called, accepting his challenge. She waited for him to turn, then sprinted across the beach toward the ocean, unbuttoning her blouse as she ran. She was wearing a dark camisole underneath and let the blouse drop to the sand. She dared a glance over her shoulder. Ashton had been watching, taken off guard, but now was in hot pursuit, discarding his own shirt.

Zoe shrieked with the thrill of competition, and raced to the packed wet sand along the shoreline. She was wearing cotton golf shorts, which would hold up in the seawater just fine. She was totally going to win this one. She bent to quickly undo the straps of her leather sandals, tossing them behind her where they wouldn’t be swept away by the waves or ruined by the salty spray. As she did, Ashton tore past her, hitting the water, waves breaking against his thighs as he arched over one, diving below the surface.

“Are you kidding me?” Zoe said when he came up for air. She’d made it knee deep and was clearly the dirty rotten egg despite her head start.

He was grinning, looking more free than he had since his arrival in town. “Maybe next time, slowpoke.”

She scowled, feeling miffed. “Have you been exercising? You didn’t used to be able to run that fast.” He was standing waist-deep, pushing his way toward her, water streaming off him. He had definitely been working out. His chest was rippled, his waist more defined.

She liked what she saw, which unsettled her. Too many memories. Too many more that she wanted create after drinking him in.

“You’re still dry,” he pointed out as he neared her.

“Not for long.” She quickly dived to the right, plunging under before he could reach her. She kicked, letting the saltwater buoy her to the surface several feet away. It was so refreshing, and just what she’d needed.

She stood, letting the water rush out of her clothes. It was time to head back to shore and get a shirt back on her ex so it was easier to remember all the reasons she wanted to keep him at a distance. She pulled her camisole away from her body, conscious of how it was clinging.

Ashton splashed her playfully. “You’re beautiful. Quit fussing.”

She turned, giving him a look that suggested he didn’t have the right to compliment her, and was caught off guard by the way he was wistfully admiring her.

He splashed her again and she splashed back, letting her past hurt and anger fuel her actions, until it felt like an outright war. Therapeutic and fun. Saltwater stung her eyes and she dug her hands through the waves, dousing him over and over until she ached from the effort. Then she laughed and turned her back to the waves of water he sent her way. A family was swimming nearby and Ashton accidentally splashed them in his quest to get her.

He called out an apology to the family, as Zoe turned to him, shoving playfully. “Don’t you have any manners?” she scolded.

“No. Do you?”

“Sometimes. I just don’t reserve them for you,” she replied, giving him a teasing glance.

He brushed at her shoulder, his expression tender, cautious. “You know the best way to get all this sand off?”

“A shower,” she said, moving away again in case he had ideas about dunking her under the waves.

“Nope.” He made a lunge for her, missing when she sidestepped at the last moment.

She laughed, feeling light and bubbly. When Ashton surfaced, she splashed him again and he raised his arms, resembling a sea monster as he came at her once again. Helpless with laughter now, she let him catch her. But instead of pulling her under, he held her tight, their warm, wet bodies pressed together.

Their eyes met and a moment passed as they gazed at each other. Zoe’s palms were against Ashton’s chest, his body snugged to hers.

It felt good. Too good.

She averted her eyes and swam away.

For a moment she’d thought they were going to kiss.

And she wasn’t ready for that.

Not by a long shot.

Order your digital copy for only $2.99 → US UK CA AU  

Release date: May 28, 2018

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