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New from Indigo Bay–three great sweet romances!

Have you been swept away by the sweet romances of Indigo Bay?

The Indigo Bay Sweet Romance Series includes several of my author friends and their great books. You may have already read Sweet Matchmaker and Sweet Holiday Surprise which are two of my heartwarming Indigo Bay books. If you’re looking for more Sweet Forgiveness releases on Monday!

And in the meantime check out these three sweet reads from Pamela Kelley, Melissa McClone, and Kay Correll. Guaranteed to warm your heart and keep you up all night reading.


Sweet Saturdays by Pamela Kelley


If you liked the movie “You’ve Got Mail” you’ll love this one!
Quinn Jacobs loves spending his time running his family’s national bakery chain. He also loves hanging out with his neighbor Paula O’Neill. The only thing is…he’s about to open a new bakery chain right across the street from the independent one she just bought.

Sweet Beginnings by Melissa McClone


A little hope changes everything.
Can sportscaster Josh Cooper find his way to redemption while mending the broken heart of local artist Hope Ryan?

Sweet Starlight by Kay Correll


A Cinderella story! Will movie star Rick Nichols really choose Whitney Layton to be his? She fears she’s too (happily) small town for a man like him to fully notice. But as things heat up between them will they find a way to reconcile who they truly are and that they are meant to be together?

Want more Indigo Bay? My newsletter subscribers are reading The Promise for free which has hints of Indigo Bay! As well, you can check out the full book list here on my site.

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