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NEW Book Trailer & Fall for the Firefighter–FREE!

Free Christmas Romance this week only!

Do you love Christmas romance novels? Hallmark movies? Characters getting snowed in together?

Then this week you want to check out Falling for the Firefighter which is FREE as an ebook and only $3.99 in audio from various stores such as Barnes and Noble & Kobo!

She’s feisty and independent.
He likes to rescue people and is annoyingly sexy.

They both have plans. And it is most definitely not to kiss.
But they did.

And they most definitely don’t plan to get snowed in together on Christmas Eve.
But they did.

And they definitely didn’t plan to fall in love…

What will these two opposites do? Find out! Read for free this week!

ebook price FREE this week only!

Paperback price $10.99
Audio $3.99 in select online stores!

Book Trailer for Falling for the Firefighter by Jean Oram

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