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The Firefighter Won’t Want to put These Sparks Out! (#BookQW FREE: Falling for the Firefighter)

FREE this week! Falling for the Firefighter–a sweet romance with a touch of heat!

Fall in love with the firefighter when he gets snowed in with the most impossible woman he’s ever met! Sparks fly…but will he want to put these ones out?

Find out, download your copy from your favourite online store for free!

Book Quote WEdnesday: Falling for the Firefighter sweet romance free. kiss scene

ebook price FREE this week only! Also available in discounted audio from select retailers!

Paperback price $10.99

And that’s not all! This month you can snag Falling for the Firefighter in audiobook for only $3.99 on Nook Audio as well as from Kobo!


  1. Gail

    Thank you!!

    1. You are so very welcome! Happy reading!

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