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New this Week on Apple Books!

One of the most exciting things as an indie author is seeing your book on a lovely carousel on Apple Books. Sometimes it is because it has hit a top 100 list (yipee), sometimes it’s because the book is trending (squee!), and sometimes it’s because it is a BRAND NEW BOOK (hallelujah the book is done and ready for readers to devour–that’s my favourite part)!

Today I’m celebrating the latter. A new book! (Do you see it just to the right of Evelyn Adams’ gorgeous new cover?)

After months of work it always feels good to release the book out into the wild and read those first reviews as they come in. Here are a few snippets from the early ones.

This sweet, funny and charmingly real Christmas romance begs for a treatment as a Hallmark movie –AuroraDawn

Steve’s way with kids, along with a lot of other traits, definitely made him swoon-worthy. I urge you to read this book. –SpecialAngel

This book is so sweet. I wish all my single friends could find a Steve. A steady rock who knows you better than you know yourself. — Jill

What will your review say?

Get this book on Apple Books! Find it on their feature page or use this quick link to get you there ASAP!

You can also find links to other stores here on Unexpectedly in Love’s book page.


Happy reading!




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