Book Quote Wednesday

How to Fall in Love (#BookQW: Unexpectedly in Love)

How to fall in love again after divorce…

There’s something special about a man who can make your child laugh, don’t you think?

Single mom Joy believes so!

She’s divorced and has hardened her heart against the man next door in this second chance at love romance.

Well, she’s tried to harden it… but he keeps softening it in the most unexpected ways…

Enjoy this sneak peek from my new book UNEXPECTEDLY IN LOVE!


Snag your copy and discover all of the reasons why readers can’t stop thinking about Steve!

This book is so sweet. I wish all my single friends could find a Steve. A steady rock who knows you better than you know yourself.

Get swept away in this second chance romance!



#BookQW word of the week: light.


ebook price $3.99!

paperback available soon!

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