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New Release: Vodka and Chocolate Drops

It’s finally here! After several years of promising Amber’s story and bumping the book down the Blueberry Springs series line-up, Vodka and Chocolate Drops has been released and my readers have already bumped it onto Amazon’s women’s fiction humor HOT NEW RELEASE chart–and it keeps climbing! Thank you!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.39.38 AMI’m so unbelievably excited. This was the HARDEST book I’ve EVER written and I was so close to it I could no longer tell what exactly the book was.

I started Vodka and Chocolate Drops back in 2010 and the story’s first 50 pages made it to the end of WEbook’s Page to Fame contest. At that time I rewrote the book ENTIRELY about three times. In 2013 I decided it should become a Blueberry Springs novel and had planned to publish it in early 2014. And then it got bumped. And it got bumped again. And again. This year I picked it up and rewrote it TWICE during June and July. I had moments of supreme doubt. Could I do this? Was it even a romance? Was it funny? Oh, what had I done? It seemed as though every road block hit during the production of this book from way back in 2010 all the way to release. It would have been easy to throw up my hands. But I have a stubborn streak. So I kept plowing. And I’m glad I did!

Early readers are already saying things such as:

“The chemistry between Scott and Amber is off the charts.” –RoryMLampley

“I think it was her [Jean Oram’s] best yet.” –Christine

“Vodka and Chocolate Drops is my favourite. I couldn’t put my kindle down. I read it in one afternoon.” –Fun

“Reading and crying happy tears…” –D

 Vodka and Chocolate Drops

Book 5 in the Blueberry Springs series–all can be read as standalones.

Vodka and Chocolate Drops by Jean Oram


One woman. One cheating ex. One life do-over.

Amber Thompson always thought she wanted a superstar boyfriend—until he kicked her to the curb on the eve of his big break. But when her best friend, Scott Malone, comes running in to save her once again, she realizes that he’s the man she truly wants. The only problem is that Scott isn’t interested in pursuing a woman on the rebound. Can Amber get her life in order and come up with a plan to woo the one man who used to be “hands off?” Or will Amber crash and burn as family secrets threaten to take her down?

Get yours. Only $2.99!

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Paperback $9.99

Have you got your copy yet? Only $2.99 to read, dream, laugh, and love along with Blueberry Springs and this “feel good” sweet romance.



Thanks for reading,

Jean Oram

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