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Made in Canada with Love (Buy One, Get One Half Off!)

Take off to The Great White North*, eh?

Then indulge in a reading binge! Brought to you by 13 Canucks**.

That’s right–79 books written by Canadian romance authors are on sale this week to celebrate Canada’s birthday! For less than the cost of an extra large double double*** and a pack of Timbits**** you could go home with a nice selection of fantastic romances!

Kobo book deals in Romance. Made in Canada with Love.

What’s your catnip, bookworms? Romantic comedies? Historicals? Mysteries? Sweet romance? Paranormal romance? We even have books set in Canada!

Let’s get you set up before you go out for a rip.*****

Where are you from, luv?

Are you a Canuck? Click here:
Are you American? Click here:
Are you a Brit? Click here:
Are you from Down Under? Click here:
Are you a Kiwi? Click here:

Wait… what’s Kobo? It’s Canadian! And, honestly, has some of the best reader deals this week! Not just because you’re saving big with our books, but also because you earn super points on each book purchase–which goes toward your next book purchase. Yup, that’s right. Up here in Canada we like to read the loooooong winters away, and so we like to reward reading, eh? (We’re nice that way.)

So dig in! Give Kobo’s free ereader app a go. You can find the Kobo app on the Google Play store as well as iTunes. Or download it right to your computer. Their store is available in dozens of countries across the globe.

Canadian Speak:

*The Great White North = Canada
**Canuck = Canadian
***Double Double = Coffee with two sugars, two creams
****Timbits = donut holes from Tim Horton’s–Canada’s favourite coffee shop.
*****Out for a rip = a drive.
Canada’s birthday = July 1. AKA Canada Day.

Note: You are now prepared to read these books below, eh?:

This FANTASTIC sale is brought to you by some really nice people who write books for us or build nice sites for us to buy them from:

Toni Anderson
Ev Bishop
Elena Aitken
Jackie Lau
Margery Scott
Suzanna Medeiros
Deborah Cooke
Claire Delacroix
Molly O’Keefe
Eve Langlais
Cindy Procter-King
Kate St. James
Jean Oram
The really nice staff in promotions at Kobo. Hugs to them over in T.O. (Toronto, Ontario. AKA “The Center of Canada.”).

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