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Hold on Tight: Forgiveness (#BookQW)

It’s Book Quote Wednesday and the word of the week is “tight.”

If someone you loved granted you forgiveness, would you hold on tight? Would you recognize the olive branch?

I’m listening to The Business of Life podcast right now with Arlene Dickinson and Jann Arden–two Canadian icons–and they’re talking about the Necessity of Apology.

Sometimes we have to recognize when we should apologize. And then do it.

And sometimes when we are granted forgiveness, when we didn’t even realize we needed it, we have to hold on tight.

In Sweet Forgiveness, Ashton knows he’s asking for the impossible. There’s no way the love of his life, Zoe, should accept, forgive, and move on. And so when her empathy allows her to see what he’s been through, and she gives him that moment of understand he holds on tight.

I hope you do, too.

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