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Complications in Love: Second Chance Romances with Stacy Claflin

It’s time for book four in the Indigo Bay Second Chance Romance series! (All books can be read out of order.)

What would you do if you had to put on an event with your ex? Could you do it?

Do you think Brooke and Dylan will get over their past hurts and find love once again in Stacy Claflin’s latest book, Sweet Complications?

Find out what happens for Brooke and Dylan! Start reading this sweet new release!

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He can have any woman he wants… except her.

NFL quarterback Dylan Manley’s life revolves around his career and the fame associated with it. He’s only back in Indigo Bay to help with a fundraiser in memory of his best friend. But then finds he has to work with Brooke—the one person who has always made him trip over his own feet.

Brooke Davenport is a far cry from the girl next door who left town years ago. Focused on her political aspirations and still recovering from the loss of her doting brother, she wants nothing more than to return to DC for good. But first she has to get through the fundraiser with Dylan, who she blames for her brother’s death.

When a family emergency pulls Brooke’s parents out of town, the success of the fundraiser depends on Brooke and Dylan. He’ll do whatever it takes to show her he’s a new man, but every attempt only makes him look worse. If he can’t make things right, he’ll lose her forever.

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