Book Quote Wednesday

Will They Take a Chance? (Sweet Troublemaker Sneak Peek)

It’s my favourite day of the week–Book Quote Wednesday (#BookQW)!

That means it’s time for a little sneak peek and I’ve got one from Nick and Polly’s new release, Sweet Troublemaker. Who’s the troublemaker? Well, according to Indigo Bay’s busybody, Lucille Sanderson, they both are! (And therefore should stick together to minimize the damage of their troublemaking ways.)

These two haven’t seen each other in almost twenty years and the last time they saw each other they were deep into their teenaged summer romance.

Will they pick up where they left off?

Find out in Sweet Troublemaker–a fast, fun read that readers are calling sweet and humourous.

A sneak peek from Jean Oram's new book, Sweet Troublemaker.

Claim some me-time and enjoy the fun in this happily ever after romance.


ebook price $2.99

paperback price $9.99

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